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Office Renovation Part 1

A few people were foolish enough to respond to my tweet about my office remodel so I thought perhaps I should start blogging about it. It’s very much a work in progress, but I intend to update this as I go. HistoryOur ho

One Bag Travel

I travel pretty often between vacations, conferences and our new Louisville office. I probably travel overnight at last once a month and longer trips happen multiple times a year. Over time, I’ve become interested addict

Midwest PHP

Thanks to everyone who attended my Midwest PHP talk on software estimation. I hope you found it helpful. Special thanks to everyone who left such nice comments on joind.in. If you’re looking for my slides, I’ve shared th

They Vs. We (Part 2)

This post has been a loooong time coming and is the follow up to my original They Vs. We post in 2014. Sorry! I highly recommend reading that first and then coming back to this. I’ve been paying much closer attention to

Dog Food 2015

Thank you to everyone that came to my Dog Food 2015 talk about ES6/ES2015 today. You can find my slides (and the little server that does the AJAX stuff) here. You need to have Node.js installed. Once you do, the readme s

Slides from Louisville .NET Meetup Group

Thanks to everyone who attended my talk on ES6/ES2015 tonight! You can find my slides and directions on how to run them on GitHub here: https://github.com/jaredfaris/ES6-talk You can run the slides/index.html withou

Humana DEC

I had a great time joining Humana’s Digital Experience Center today to talk about software estimation. The space was awesome and I was really impressed by the turnout and engagement. I hope everyone got value out of

Findlay Area .NET Users Group Slides & Info

Thank you to Brian Cobb (@brianjcobb) and the Findlay Area .NET Users Group (http://www.fanug.org/) for inviting me to join their group last night. I hope my talk on the F12 debugging tools was helpful and maybe a bit en

Self.conference Estimation Slides

Had a great time today at Self.conference talking about software estimation. Thank you to everyone who came to the talk. I’d love to hear feedback here or on Twitter! A few links: Slides The book I recommended: Software

Stir Trek Slides

Thanks to everyone who attended my Stir Trek talk on software estimation. You should be able to find the slides here. If you’re looking for the book I referenced towards the beginning of the talk, it’s Software Estimatio

Code PaLOUsa Slides

Thanks to everyone who has attended the workshop Derek Briggs and I did and the session I did today at Code PaLOUsa. Update: A huge thanks to the people who attended my F12 debugging talk. Sorry that we ran out of seats

Codemash 2014 Content

Before I forget, I’m uploading all of my Codemash content for your robot building/JavaScript fixing pleasure. Building Mini Killer RobotsSlides (100+ mb with video) Fixing the JavaScript MessSlidesPresentation Guide

They Vs. We

I’m going to start this blog post with a story. Please stay with me for a minute. I went to the grocery store last week to buy groceries as one does. While I was there, I cleared the meat counter out of an item. After sh

MIGANG visit

Huge thanks to the folks at MIGANG for inviting me to come speak to the usergroup tonight about WebSockets with SignalR and SockJS. As promised, here are my slides from the night. I promised to upload them “10 seconds” a

StirTrek 2014 content

I really like the trend of conference git repos to organize slides and other speaker content. Stir Trek: Winter Soldier Edition’s content repo is here. My slide deck for the “Building Mini Killer Robots” talk is big (140

Exciting Start To 2014

I found out this morning that I‘ve been accepted in the Microsoft MVP program by the Internet Explorer team! Since the most fun (for me anyway) projects are JS-heavy, interactive web ones, this has me really excited. Squ

Dog Food conference and other updates

In case you’ve been living without internet but somehow still subscribe to my blog, you should know that Dog Food 2013’s schedule is now online here. Dog Food is a Microsoft technology conference on Thursday, November 21

2013 Dog Food Submission Time

Dog Food 2013 is going to be held November 21st and 22nd at Microsoft’s office in Columbus! If you’re not already familiar with it, here’s the scoop: Dog Food is a conference aimed at everyone in the IT stack. Infrastru

StirTrek slides and examples

Just a quick update from my JavaScript Spaghetti talk at StirTrek: My slides are up here Examples can be found in my Facebook For Cats repo on GitHub here Thank you to everyone who came to my talk. Also, a huge thanks t

What Makes A Good Developer?

There’s (hopefully) a good title to get attention. I’ve been spending some time thinking about this lately. Part of being involved in the hiring process at HMB is thinking about who people are, how well they will do in t

Moving On

Today is my last day at Facio. That fact is a bit bittersweet. I’ve spent the last 18 months working alongside wonderful people, building a great product for our company, and getting to contribute in little ways to the s

Code Geeks vs Stuff Geeks

I’ve realized that developers exist on a spectrum between code geeks and stuff geeks. Code geeks are those who really enjoy the elegance and challenge of creating new bits of code (plugins, frameworks, entire languages,

So You Want To Be A Technical Speaker?

I speak at a pretty good number of events (and am always considering more… hit me up) and really enjoy doing so. At Codemash this year I had a few people mention that they would find a post about how to get started

Getting Started With Backbone.js

Backbone.js is one of those wonderful technologies that is flexible enough to let you solve problems in a variety of ways. It’s also one of those horrible technologies that don’t have any opinion about what the ‘correct’

The Myth of Unit Test Value

I’m writing this blog post because someone on the internet is wrong… More accurately, I saw an old comment about unit testing that I frequently hear hardcore testing advocates say. I’m not calling out the specific person

Starting a New Development Conference

On August 3rd, 2012 we held the first edition of the CloudDevelop conference. We had a great turnout (150 or so attendees), great sponsors, and relatively few problems. In case you are thinking about starting your own co

JavaScript Spaghetti Video

My talk from Code PaLOUsa 2012 is now up on InfoQ here. Listening to part of it reminds me of how awesome the audience was there. The slide deck I used that day should be available here. Next time I need to trick some sp